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Our high-level, group coaching program for online business owners who are ready to elevate to the role of CEO with ease, confidence, and clarity!

You didn't start your business because you wanted to spend all day, every day in the weeds of running an online business.


In fact, you started your business because you love what you do and you wanted more freedom and flexibility!

But you haven't really been able to take advantage of that freedom or flexibility have you?


Instead, you spend your days...


📋 Tackling a never-ending to do list


😩Feeling overwhelmed


💥 Responding reactively to clients and emails


🌱 And wondering if you'll ever be able to step out of the weeds of your business and step into the role of CEO.


The good news? 


... It doesn't have to be this way!

    The truth is that making more money in your business, doesn't solve all of your problems...


    In fact, the problems your business has right now will only be amplified as your revenue grows!

    Because having a business that is 100% dependent on you is going to lead to overwhelm, burnout, stress, and eventually failure. 


    When you're the only person in your business who can generate revenue, generate leads, support your clients, or answer emails, when you stop, the business stops. ✋


    The only way to experience freedom, flexibility, and spaciousness is to ditch the ego, change the way you run your business, and start acting like the CEO your business needs and deserves. 


    And that means building and leading a team that truly supports you, your business, and your clients.  🙌

    Your current systems, team, and leadership (or lack thereof!) have been holding you back from experiencing true confidence, growth, and freedom in your business. 

    💰 Your business is making money and you're ready to scale your business, systemize your operations, and build your team in the next 12 months.


    🤔 You're not getting the holistic systems, hiring, and leadership support you need with other courses, coaches, and masterminds. You're tired of feeling on your own, fighting for time on group calls, and struggling to implement cookie cutter templates into your own unique business. 


    👤 Whether you already have a full-time team in place that isn't performing up to your standards, you've tried hiring before and got burned in the process, or are ready to hire your first Virtual Assistant, you're ready to stop feeling like a maxed out solopreneur and start building your dream team.


    🤩 You know you're capable of running and leading a 6 and 7 figure online business, but you need personalized support in order to do it in a way that gives you more time freedom... not less!

    We are so glad you found us!


    Get ready, because you're about to go from stressed out and maxed out, to a calm and confident CEO!


    Empowered CEO™ Program!

    Empowered CEO™ is our step-by-step, high-touch, coaching program designed to help you transform your unorganized and overwhelming online business into one that is scalable, systemized, and sustainable.

    Until now, it's been extremely confusing to build, run, and scale an online business.


    Most online trainings and courses focus exclusively on making money online - not on how to actually run an online business once you have one.

    Sure you've made money online, but you may be asking yourself:


    🤔 What systems do I need in place?


    🤔 How do I hire a new team member?


    🤔 How do I train and lead my team the right way?


    This is why most online business owners are struggling:


    You've made money before but aren't sure how to leverage it, systemize your operations, or hire a team to help you turn a one time sale into sustainable, consistent revenue. 


    This exclusive focus on marketing and sales means you are treating your business like a short-term hobby, instead of a long-term operation and investment. 👀

    Are you ready to turn your business into a well-oiled machine? 


    Here's what you really need to systemize and scale your online business:

    • You need a strategy for your business that can scale without you.​

      That means a well-priced, profitable product suite, clarity on your client's journey, and strategies in place for the 4Rs and 3Cs of your business. That's why the first thing you'll do when you join Empowered CEO™ is learn how to create a scalable strategy for your business.

    • You need to systemize your business. ​

      This doesn't just mean having processes documented or a project management system in place. A systemized business has its own operating system (just like your computer!) that means everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. That's why we teach you how to truly systemize your business inside of Empowered CEO™. 

    • You need to build, manage, and lead a team that generates revenue, supports your clients, and grows your business.

      Whether you're working with contractors or full-time employees, its time to stop micromanaging and delegating ineffectively and start learning how to really lead a rockstar team. That's why you'll learn how to design, hire, train, and lead your team when you join Empowered CEO™.

    • You need weekly access to trained experts in operations, hiring, leadership, mindset, sales, and marketing to give you personalized feedback, advice, and answers to all of your questions.​

      That's why inside of Empowered CEO™ we offer weekly personalized feedback, weekly coaching calls, expert trainings, and so much more. 

    • You need high-level, personalized, individual, support and accountability. ​

      Empowered CEO™ is unlike any other program out there because it combines the best of courses, masterminds, and 1:1 coaching and wraps it all up into one program. When you join Empowered CEO™, you will get assigned your very own private Accountability Advisor to help support you throughout your time in the program. Your Accountability Advisor is here to support you in a 1:1 coaching capacity!

    You get it all inside the Empowered CEO™ program!

    Meet Megan Minns, our Founder and CEO!

    Megan is an Operations and Leadership Coach that specializes in helping online business owners step out of the weeds of their business and into the role of CEO.


    She has corporate Human Resources and Recruiting experience and a Master's Degree in Organizational and Human Resource Development.


    Megan worked as a Chief Operations Officer for a 7-figure entrepreneur, has been teaching online business owners how to systemize their business and be more productive since 2014, and has been running her own a multi-6 figure online business since 2015.

    An Empowered CEO™ knows how to run their business in a way that is scalable, strategic, and sustainable. 


    But no one online talks about how they actually run their business behind the scenes...

    All you see is sneak peeks, social media posts, job postings, and maybe a few behind the scenes posts here and there... which is impossible to reverse engineer! 


    This is exactly why you need an all-in-one program that shows you how to implement an entire operating system for your business.


    It's time to ditch the overwhelm, uncertainty, micromanagement, and distraction and, instead, become a truly Empowered CEO™! 🤩

    When you finally have all three pieces of the Empowered CEO™ Framework in place, you'll be able to experience true freedom, flexibility, and financial prosperity. 


    If you only have one, you are at risk for burnout, hiring mistakes, doing it all yourself, inefficient team members, hitting a plateau, and sabotaging your business and personal life! 🙁


    The Empowered CEO™ program will show you how to develop scalable strategies, implement effective systems, and lead your dream team so that you can have it all - a successful business and a fulfilling personal life!

    The Empowered CEO™ program is right for you no matter what size your team is right now!




    You're a solopreneur who is looking to set up systems before your first hire so you can stop running your business all alone.




    You've hired before but you've been burned because you are lacking experience in team management and delegating.




    You have a team, but need support in creating structure, stepping out of the day to day tasks, and learning how to make your business run without you.



    We are so excited to see if we're a good fit to work together to help you transform the way you run your online business.


    Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you. 

    Our Empowered CEOs™ are creating incredible results every single day!


    Here's what they've shared:

    Empowered CEO™ is a unique program because it combines 1-on-1 accountability, step-by-step training videos and templates, and a high-touch group coaching experience so that you can take action with confidence and support!

    Empowered CEO Curriculum

    You'll get instant access to the entire Empowered CEO™ curriculum inside of our membership site.


    This is where you can watch the training videos, download the templates and resources, and access everything else you need. 

    It is always being updated and added to based on the feedback and requests we receive.

    Through December 2020 and January 2021 we are releasing BRAND new versions of the curriculum!

    Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    That's right! You'll get live, weekly group coaching calls with the coaching team for 12 months.


    Weekly group coaching calls for support with strategy, mindset coaching, and answering all of your questions. This is your CEO time!


    Come live or pre-submit a question and enjoy our easy to leverage time stamped replays.

    Personalized, Expert Feedback

    Get personal, individualized feedback on your work through our weekly feedback sessions.


    Each week the coaching team reviews and gives you custom, personalized feedback on what you're working on!

    From roles charts and job descriptions to SOPs to business plans, our team will review your work and give you feedback.

    1:1 Personal Accountability Advisor

    During your 12 months, you'll have your very own Accountability Advisor to support you through monthly 1:1 calls and messaging! 


    Your Accountability Advisor is here to help you implement the program, stay on track, and answer any questions you have. 

    You'll do this through a monthly video call and ongoing support via Voxer (messaging app).

    Worksheets, Copy-and-Paste Processes, and Templates

    We've designed Empowered CEO to be as easy to implement as possible with worksheets, templates, and more!


    This includes (but isn't limited to): Weekly Team Meeting Agenda, Org Chart Templates, Hiring Templates and Processes, Stats Tracker, Standard Operation Procedure Templates, Onboarding Templates, and more!

    Private Community

    Build your personal network and create meaningful relationships by connecting with the other high-level members of this exclusive program inside of our private community! 


    This is your special CEO space to share wins, ask for support, learn from others, and build meaningful relationships with the other online business owners in the program. 

    Ask your questions and get feedback from our team and your peers any time!

    Quarterly Planning Retreats

    Every quarter we host a live, virtual planning retreat! This is the best time to audit your business and life and make intentional plans for the next quarter.


    Join us live at the end of each quarter for a virtual retreat! 

    Eventually you'll run your own planning meetings with your team, but while it's just you making the plans this is an actionable way to set aside time to plan and get feedback and support throughout the process!

    Monthly Guest Expert Trainings

    Every month we host a special training from a guest expert so that we can all continue to learn and grow together!

    Trainings will be hosted by either outside experts or other members of Empowered CEO
     who would like to share their expertise with the community! 

    Recent topics include Notion, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, trusting your intuition, and more!​



    We are so excited to see if we're a good fit to work together to help you transform the way you run your online business.


    Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you. 

    Our Empowered CEO Clients Get Incredible Results!


    Here's what they shared:

    Once you become an Empowered CEO™ client, you'll get assigned your very own Accountability Advisor!

    Meet the Accountability Advisory Team:

    Samantha Harris,

    Marketing Assistant and Accountability Advisor

    Paris Hanvey,

    Operations Assistant and Accountability Advisor

    Our Accountability Advisors are what make this program so unique! 


    They will check-in with you on a monthly zoom call and give you personalized, ongoing support through a messaging app as you need it. 🥰


    You will be supported the entire time you're in the Empowered CEO™ program!

    Empowered CEO™ can help you plan more strategically, grow your business, make consistent revenue, and feel more fun and joy on a daily basis!


    Here's what our clients have experienced:

    The Empowered CEO™ program is only available to entrepreneurs whose values align with ours: 

    ⭐️ We value ACTION over PERFECTION. 


    We do not care about you having something "perfect" before you take action on it. We would rather you take fast, imperfect action so that you can learn and improve, then take slow, perfect action and delay your results.


    ⭐️ We value LEADING BY EXAMPLE. 


    We believe in leading by example both for our clients, our students, and our fellow team members. As the CEO, you must hold yourself to the same standards you hold your community, clients, and team members to.


    ⭐️ We value ALIGNMENT and INTEGRITY. 


    When it comes to running your business and making decisions, we value that you always act in alignment with your big picture vision, your company mission, and the commitments you've made to yourself, your clients, and your team.


    ⭐️ And last but not least, you've got to be as obsessed with YOUR clients and team members getting results and performing at their highest level possible, as we are obsessed about YOU getting results and performing at YOUR highest level possible.


    That means you are committed to being a thoughtful, patient, and compassionate CEO and leader with our help.



    We are so excited to see if we're a good fit to work together to help you transform the way you run your online business.


    Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you. 

    Our Empowered CEO Clients Love the Program!


    Here's what some of our clients have to say:

    "I am lost for words in describing how life changing it is for me to be mentored by Megan."


    "Every exercise in the Empowered CEO curriculum has brought so much clarity in my life and business. More so, I feel so taken cared of, heard, and valued in our group coaching calls. It’s the safe place and community where I feel comfortable to share my progress & questions.


    Being a creative visionary, I always described myself as all over the place. But through the motivation & framework provided by Megan, I feel so empowered and equipped to achieve my goals as CEO.


    Two months into the program, I am now able to confidently delegate key roles in my business such as growth strategy and operations.  While I work mostly with contractors, we now do weekly & quarterly meetings. My team members now work together so I can focus more on big picture projects. I would never have the confidence and system to implement these if not for Empowered CEO. 


    I have made key decisions in my life, career & business with Megan’s guidance. Empowered CEO reminded me to pursue joy in my personal life. Now, I’m saving up for my dream house & I just invested in an indoor bicycle so I can exercise at home. I’ve never felt this inspired, organized, & empowered."

    “Before joining Empowered CEO I was overwhelmed because I was in the weeds of my business. I didn't have enough time for the strategic decisions because I was caught in the operations side of things. I'm now super clear on the roles, systems, and strategic decisions I need to make before I answer a single email when I come to work. The clarity is priceless!


    I love how Megan provides super insightful feedback on our work, her team is incredibly supportive, and the community of people in the mastermind offers insightful feedback.


    I always knew I was capable of running my business. Now I act like it. That alone, has been a game changer. I know exactly when to start and stop working without giving my computer a second glance. I used to work super long hours and now I know what to work on, first.


    I would recommend Empowered CEO a thousand times, yes! In fact, I recommend any program Megan runs. I've invested in all of them. I set-up my coaching practice using her Squarespace course, simplified my productivity, and now I'm taking on the CEO role in my business.”

    "I always knew I was capable of running my business. Now I act like it."




    We are so excited to see if we're a good fit to work together to help you transform the way you run your online business.


    Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you. 

    "I feel empowered and ready to take on the rest of the year."


    "Working with Megan has been an amazing experience!! Through our work together, I accomplished my original goal of feeling more balanced overall.


    I made important changes to my team (Megan is super knowledgeable about organizational charts and team roles). I also got clear on my 3 year vision for my life as a whole, and my husband and I decided to purchase property to help make that goal a reality.  


    I love how Megan addresses both the business side and personal life - because the two are really inseparable. Our work together encouraged me to become more reflective and trust in my own decision-making, and I feel empowered and ready to take on the rest of the year. Thanks so much, Megan!!"

    "At the start of 2020, I had a lot of grand plans. But after reviewing my first quarter, I was more than a little bit off schedule. A few things had happened, yes, but I realized that I needed more accountability for some of the things I had on my list. That's when Megan opened up Empowered CEO.


    I knew right away that it was the right fit, so I jumped right in without hesitation, and it was the best thing I could have done. I knew Megan could hold me accountable for my business goals and give me that extra little push I needed to make things happen.


    What I didn't expect was to also connect with so many other amazing entrepreneurs who have also been a source of learning and inspiration. Megan has created a great curriculum and a nurturing environment to ensure that everyone feels supported, and being able to brainstorm with like-minded people is incredibly powerful.


    I have already made significant progress towards the rest of my goals and I can truly say that I'm happier than I have been in a long time. If you're on the fence about joining, don't be - Megan never disappoints."

    "If you're on the fence about joining, don't be."


    "The program really lives up to its name, and if you want to feel empowered as a CEO, definitely join"


    "I've taken a lot of courses and Megan is one of the BEST teaches ever when it comes to systems!


    So clear, organized, sequenced, and detailed. I also love how Megan embodies prioritizing your personal life and infuses it so well into business. 


    I feel so grateful because Empowered CEO has given me an incredible foundation to help my new team members feel cared for and feel excited to partner with me to work toward my vision. 


    This program really lives up to the name, and if you want to feel empowered as a CEO definitely join"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Empowered CEO™ for?

    The Empowered CEO™ program is for online business owners who want to build scalable and sustainable businesses.

    What does Empowered CEO™ cost?

    After you apply to join Empowered CEO™ and we feel confident that the program is a good fit for you and your goals, we'll share all of the information, logistics, and context you need to know about the program - including the investment! To give you an idea of what to expect, Empowered CEO™ is currently a low five-figure investment with an accessible monthly payment plan. 


    Is Empowered CEO™ right for me if I'm a solopreneur?

    Yes! And chances are that you are ready to hire your first team member... even if it is just a contractor for a few hours a month. Inside of Empowered CEO™ we can help you budget for the position, create a meaningful job description, go through the hiring process, and feel confident that you're hiring the right fit for you!


    Is Empowered CEO™ right for me if I already have a team?

    Absolutely! Many clients come to Empowered CEO™ with some kind of team in place - whether it is contractors, interns, or employees. Inside of Empowered CEO™ we can help you step into the position of a true leader inside of your company, make sure you have the right people in the right seats, improve your delegation and communication, empower your team to take on ownership, and assess what action steps you need to take to help your team become A players!


    Is Empowered CEO™ right for me if I'm already really busy?

    If you're feeling busy right now then you don't want to wait another day, week, month, quarter, or year thinking it is going to ease up. You're feeling busy right now because the way you're planning, making decisions, taking action, and spending your time isn't serving you. The longer you wait to overhaul your business, the worse this issue is going to get! If you're in the middle of a particularly busy season of business, now is still the right time to join us. We've had a lot of clients join Empowered CEO™ right before a launch or while developing a new offer and they've all said that they are so glad they joined when they did! Empowered CEO™ is a 12-month program for a reason... life and business change quickly and ebb and flow over the course of a year. Our team is here to support you through the busy seasons, the highs, the lows, and everything in between!


    Is Empowered CEO™ right for me if I'm not making consistent revenue yet?

    It may not always feel like it, but this is one of the most exciting times of your business! There is so much potential and opportunity and learning ahead of you. This is the perfect time to join us inside of Empowered CEO™ because it sounds like you need a kick-start to making decisions, taking action, experimenting, and showing up consistently. We've found that many business owners in this situation are holding themselves back, afraid to make a mistake, distracted, procrastinating, or stuck on the free content creation hamster wheel... this is preventing you from making consistent revenue inside of your business and I don't want you to keep going on this way for any longer! The support and accountability inside of Empowered CEO™ is unlike anything else and will truly help you start seeing results, making strategic (and simple) decisions, and making more progress faster than ever before! Your Accountability Advisor can help assess what you should focus on first so that you can start generating consistent revenue in your business!


    Is Empowered CEO™ right for me if I'm already making multi-6 or 7 figures in annual revenue?

    Absolutely!! Once you're making consistent revenue, we can start to re-invest more into your own systems, team, and business! Depending on your vision and goals this may look like increasing the responsibilities of top performing team members, hiring your first employee, or giving your team members more ownership so that you can stop micromanaging, fixing their work, and getting frustrated. How amazing would it feel to have your team coming to you with ideas, solutions to problems, and as much love and excitement for your business as you have? Inside of Empowered CEO™ we can help assess the best next steps for you and your business so that you can take things to the next level!


    How much feedback do I receive?

    You will get every single bit of feedback you need during the program. From the weekly personalized feedback sessions, weekly coaching calls, Facebook Group support, and the support from your Accountability Advisor, you'll get all of the feedback you need to succeed! 


    When are the weekly coaching calls?

    The weekly coaching calls are currently on Wednesdays at 4 PM Eastern. These calls are all recorded and the replays are time-stamped so that you can easily watch the replays and jump to a specific question in the recording. You can also pre-submit questions in advance so that you can get support even if you aren't able to attend live. The call schedule is subject to change.



    We are so excited to see if we're a good fit to work together to help you transform the way you run your online business.


    Please take a minute to fill out the short application form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you. 

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    While we provide highest and best level of services as provided in the scope of the agreement, as with any program, Megan Minns Designs LLC is unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in the Empowered CEO program and therefore we cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of income or results associated with the services provided.  You understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own success in business and that this program is designed to enhance, supplement, and support your business in your efforts to grow.

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